Forming the Master Plan

After studying two architectural projects (Interlace by OMA & Future Towers by MVRDV), Nakul uses similar strategies to lay down the cores and housing units on the site area of Shashtrinagar. Since, he is working on mixed-income housing (affordable and High-End), he segregates common areas and amenities by allowing accessibility based on subscription and/or membership.

Phasing Shashtrinagar

Nakul in his fifth week begins to work out strategies for the construction phasing of Shashtrinagar. He calculates keeping in mind the intention of using less time to construct and jotting down optimal number of construction phases which allow for less number of residents to shift out of Shashtrinagar, during the on-going construction so as to avoid rental expenditure and at the same time allow intake of more number of residents once a particular phase is constructed.

Understanding Scale

After deciding his role as a Private Housing Developer with government partnership, Nakul begins to explore the scale of the site by placing several other large-scale housing projects (Interlace, 8-House, Star Apartments, Horizontal Skyscraper) within the site area of Shashtrinagar.