Mid Semester Design Review – Moritz

After laying down the guidelines for Redevelopment of Shashtrinagar, Moritz designs the first phase of the site – the open ground – and arranges the built forms around its periphery. As a part of the Mid-Semester review, he presents design development of one of the housing blocks.

Further articulating the Guidelines

Nicola and Moritz further work out the strategies by detailing out the guidelines for infrastructure and waste management in Shashtrinagar. They also present models for street design of the site.

Community building over the decade

Moritz and Nicola decide to transform Shashtrinagar over a period of time. In order to so, they lay down guidelines for any further construction in Shashtrinagar. The guidelines, if followed correctly, according Moritz and Nicola, will strengthen the sense of community amongst the citizens of Shashtrinagar.