Communal Spaces and Vertical Living

Dharini articulates an idea of ‘Communal Spaces’ as a part of the Housing blocks she is designing. In order to get a hang of it, she studies three architectural projects that manifest the idea of communal spaces in terms of organisation principles, ratios of public and private areas and the connectivity that each of them offers.

Home for All – Rabaris, Marwaris, Engineers and Teachers.

After deciding to build a troop of cooperative societies on the Shashtrinagar land, Dharini calculates the salaries of various potential groups of people that she could accommodate on the site as a part of the housing. She estimates their savings, the cost of a single house for a member of the respective group and balances it with the total number of possible houses for one particular society.

‘Economics’ and ‘Politics’ in my neighbourhood

Dharini observes economics and politics of space making in the context of her own neighbourhood using parameters such as types of houses, accessibility to the entrance, openness, accessibility to the common ground and road network connectivity.