About Oikopolis 2018


‘Oikopolis: at home in the city’ is a design studio conducted as a part of the Undergraduate Programme at Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University in 2018 (Monsoon Semester).

The primary focus of the studio was to view ‘housing’  from the lens of oikos [private realm] and polis [public realm]. Multiple implications of the private and the public were addressed through several issues mentioned in the brief outline below.

2.jpgThe studio brief was to re-design a 14-hectare site in Shastrinagar, Ahmedabad.

In order to do so, the students had to provide strategies that addressed the entire site and later choose a 1-hectare parcel within the site to demonstrate the relationship between built/open spaces and space usage. Within the selected smaller segment, the students had to demonstrate building language and urban form. The design had to take positions on some of the following issues- housing deliver [altruistic, need-based, for profit], self sufficiency [food, water, energy], ownership and control [land, house, shared spaces], governance [regulations, implementation], meaning [of dwelling features], equity [gender, universal access], future proofing [growth, family life-cycle]. The design had to emerge from an iterative/reflective design process.